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SnarfQuest: Danger on the Mystical Plains of Sashaar

SnarfQuest: Danger on the Mystical Plains of Sashaar

The new SnarfQuest graphic novel, "Danger on the Mystical Plains of Sashaar", in full color, contains a new adventure of Snarf and Telerie. They search for the Floating Stones, on Plains of Sashaar, but as always, things go wrong and the adventure gets a little crazy!

Larry says, "I always promised the fans of SnarfQuest that I would do a NEW adventure. I had started this story around eight years ago, but there seemed to be no magazines left to run these kind of strips, so in 2014, I worked all year to write, pencil, ink, color and publish the story! Although it was hard work and wore me out, I really enjoyed it."

We hope everyone enjoys this new adventure, some old familiar characters reappear, along with a group of new ones. It wouldn't be SnarfQuest if is didn't contain some great characters in wild situations along with some beautiful women! We hope you enjoy this new adventure.

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